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Total Health Centre was started by an enterprising husband and wife team in the mid 1980’s. The company’s first two product lines were precooked frozen Indian foods and a Karaya Gum Washer for patients that had undergone colostomy and illiostomy surgeries. Medical devices and ethnic foods gave rise to the natural health products business that would become the flagship activity.

Today Total Health Centre stands at the forefront of the NHP industry with many successful relationships in the industry. The industry has experienced significant transformation and encountered several roadblocks along the way in terms of government regulations and negative press coverage. But in the early 1990’s fuelled by a mass market buy-in and an explosion in complementary medicines the natural health products industry never looked back. Today the industry comprises some 2 billion dollars and touches nearly every Canadian in some way shape or form. We are pleased to have been associated with the industry and we are proud to support and represent some of the industries most largest and influential players.

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