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Biographical Sketch: Manohar Sood, Ph.D

Dr. Sood has played an integral role in the North American Natural Health Products industries. His involvement spans three decades and he has guided many individuals and businesses to success in this industry.

Dr. Sood earned his Doctorate at the University of Delhi in 1964. His thesis was related to the isolation, characterization and synthesis of natural compounds of biological importance. His subsequent post Doctoral work at the Royal School of Pharmacy in Copenhagen, Denmark resulted in an impressive list of peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Sood’s contribution to the field of flavonoid chemistry have garnered international attention and continue to be cited till this day.

After migrating to the United States and then to Canada, Dr. Sood worked in two well respected Canadian companies involved in natural health products and analytical chemistry. Dr. Sood decided in 1988 to form his own group of companies that provide contract services to the natural health product and pharmaceutical industry. Often acting as a liaison between government regulatory health authorities and industry, Dr. Sood has a depth of experience in the field of Natural Health Product that is unparalleled.

His knowledge base was further enhanced by his clinical knowledge. Through his clinical work Dr. Sood has counseled thousands of Canadians on health related issues within the scope of complementary medicine. It is this experience that helps produce some of the best combination products in the industry.

Throughout his career, and then later as an independent consultant Dr. Sood has advised some of the world’s largest supplement suppliers on Canadian regulatory compliance. In walking through a health food store, a pharmacy or even a mass-market chain, it is difficult to find natural health products that have not been in some way touched by one of the organizations founded by Dr. Sood. Today his group of companies forms the basis of a dynamic organization that has established international respect.

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