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Quality Control Systems lie at the heart of the Total Health Centre

Our roots are in quality and we invest considerable time and effort to support our quality systems. From the moment that materials enter our warehouse our commitment to the quality of your product is evident.

Raw Materials

All raw materials are first reviewed through our Research and Development and regulatory groups to develop material specifications. Materials that are received in our warehouses are quarantined, sampled and tested to confirm specifications prior to use.

Master Production Documents

Upon laboratory clearance master production documents are drawn to reflect the manufacturing formulation and processes to be used for your product. During the fabrication process our in-process Quality Control technicians supervise the entire process and withdraw in-process samples for evaluation.


Until the laboratory clears in process samples the manufactured bulk is not released for further packaging. Packaging activities commence once the bulk is cleared by the laboratory. The final finished product is then sampled and set to the laboratory for final testing. Only upon clearance from the analytical chemistry and microbiology labs is the shipment released for shipment.


Our in-process Quality Control personnel inspect the pallets for configuration and provide the final release to warehouse personnel for shipment. Typically, our customer service department will coordinate with your firm to determine the optimal shipping method.

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