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The Total Health Centre is involved in Three Major Areas of Research

Research and development leads to the innovation in our lives. A vibrant R&D program is essential to progress. Our research and development initiatives are centered about three main areas of interest. We maintain an active group that is constantly reviewing peer-reviewed and traditional literature in order to support safety and efficacy claims.

Basic Research

Our basic research activities are primarily funded by the Canadian government through various funding institutions and we have participated in clinical investigations of finished dosage forms. With government funding becoming increasingly scarce we are a proud supporter of innovative Canadian research and are proud to fund our own research and development initiatives.

Analytical Methodologies Research

Our second area of interest lies in the area of the development of novel analytical methodologies that are centered about isolation and characterization of marker molecules that assist in chemical qualification of active ingredients.

Due to the molecular complexity of many natural products, many specific answers to typical scientific questions remain unknown. It is our hope that with our efforts some of those mysteries will be unlocked and published for a better understanding of how these molecules can benefit human health.

Flavoring Research

Our third area of active research involves the development of novel flavoring systems to assist in the development of liquid formulations of traditional solid dose formats of natural health products. Natural products often contain ingredients that inherently bitter. Consequently, these ingredients are difficult to work with in order to produce desirable flavor profiles.

Instead of drowning out bitter notes with huge amounts of sweeteners our flavor department uses many natural molecules to alter taste profiles to transform even the most bitter herb flavors into acceptable taste profiles.

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