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We manufacture are own extracts from crude herb starting materials.

The plant kingdom provides a rich example of the diversity of life. Housed in the many species of pant life that inhabit the earth are remarkable compounds that have strong curative properties. And while many plant species are still being discovered, there are many that have been identified, categorized and studied for their health benefits. Much of the efficacy has been deeply entrenched in many of the world’s different cultures and so many describe plant medicine in terms of traditional context.

Modern day research has validated the efficacy of many plant medicines and the increasing international composition of the North American population has created a demand for botanical medicines.

The very nature of plant material makes conventional approaches to manufacturing a difficult endeavor.

The specific expertise of a natural product chemist trained in pharmacognosy is required to understand the specific properties of botanical ingredients.

Botanicals are multi-component ingredients – a popular herb such as ginseng may have hundreds of constituent molecules that present a daunting task of understanding which components are important to the overall efficacy of the herb and which components are of inconsequential value.

There are many factors to consider when manufacturing a herbal product: country of origin; time of harvest; storage and transport conditions; chemical and physical properties; level of chemical contamination; pesticide levels and finally manufacturing conditions.

And as with any industry or field popular jargon replaces meaningful language. We often begin to communicate using prefabricated phrases which have lost precision. How many times have you heard of a standardized extract? What does that really mean? This is the precise reason why THC manufactures its own extracts from crude herb starting materials.

We are equipped to manufacture two piece gelatin and vegetable capsules, powders and liquids (single and multi phase suspensions) for many botanical ingredients.

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