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Total Health Centre is proud to be on the few contract manufacturers that offers contract homeopathic fabrication in liquid, globule and tablet form.

The German physician Samuel Hahnemann first formally articulated the principles of homeopathy in his famous work entitled the Organon of the Art of Healing in 1810. The word homeopathy is derived from the Greek roots “omio” (meaning the same) and “pathos” (meaning suffering).

One of the principles of homeopathy is that the same entity which causes symptoms of disease in healthy subjects also is able to remove those same symptoms in sick subjects. Hence Hahnemann’s theory “similia similibus curentur” or “Like may be cured by like”.

Modern medicine has evolved based on a reductionist scientific model in the sense that “disease” has been reduced to be the a single physiological response or “symptom”. Consequently, modern day drugs are developed based on models that target the symptom and not necessarily the disease.

Acetaminophen is the most widely prescribed OTC pharmaceutical in modern medicine. Acetaminophen inhibits the formation of internal biochemical messengers (the prostaglandins) so that the symptoms (headache, pain, inflammation) are managed, however, the etiology responsible for the headache, the pain or the inflammation is not addressed.

By contrast homeopathy is a modality that seeks to restore health by understanding the underlying basis of disease and not by masking symptoms of disease.

Homeopathy deviates from modern medicine by contradicting the well known dose-response principles of pharmacology. In the case of homeopathy the exact opposite is apparently true - decreasing the dose increases the pharmacological response.

One of the first cellular responses after injury is an instinctive attempt to regain biochemical “normality” or homeostasis. It is when the injury to cells exhausts this inherent “homeostatic” repair mechanism that irreversible injury may occur and disease manifests tissue. In a similar way homeopathy is designed to re-establish homeostasis after acute or chronic cellular injury.

Another inherent benefit to homeopathic therapy is that the micro-dose nature of the remedies are unable to produce any system toxicity to tissue. Homeopathic remedies are devoid of side-effects that often accompany modern-day drug therapy.

The downside of homeopathic therapy is that it is not a magic bullet in the sense that the almost instant relief one experiences after "popping" modern-day medications does not happen with homeopathic remedies.

Given that disease is by nature multifactorial and that chronic diseases manifest over years, it makes sense that homeopathic remedies require time to have any effect.

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