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We are equipped to manufacture two piece gelatin and vegetable capsules, powders and liquids (single and multi phase suspensions) for vitamins.

Vitamins are growth factors that play important roles in general health. Traditionally, adequate vitamin intake has been thought to be derived from the diet. But modern day diets are filled with highly processed foods that often lack adequate vitamin levels.

From a regulatory perspective the Canadian government has always classified vitamin containing products as drug products having very general health applications. Recently, exciting medical research has started to uncover some of the more specific applications for vitamins in the prevention and in some cases the cure of certain disorders thus leading to widespread popularity in both the medical community and the general public.

Vitamins are tricky molecules to work with as many are heat and pH sensitive. Specialized techniques for handling vitamins in manufacturing are required in order to preserve potency.

We have been manufacturing vitamin products for some of the most popular brands in the Canadian marketplace for more than 15 years.

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